For painting in pastels you will need:

A set of pastels: that includes some earth colors such as siennas, umbers, and ochers. Try to have a light, dark, and middle value of EACH color. If you have a smaller 30 stick set, it will probably have a good selection of middle value colors, but not darks and lights. For example a very basic set would come with red, but not dark red, or pink and very light pink (those are the values of reds). I recommend buying dark and light values of some of the colors in the set open stock. NuPastel by prismaColor makes a good set of 96 – if you buy that, it is all you need. Great American Artworks makes an excellent set of 78 colors for the southwestern landscape. Grumbacker, Rembrant, Schmenke, Senneilier, and Unision are also good brands. NOTE: you will not need a whole stick of each color, in fact I recommend breaking them in half or thirds before you begin painting. If you are buying pastels, you could easily split sets wit a friend or classmate (I can help connect you with classmates if you are interested in sharing costs). Note, generally the more expensive the pastel stick the creamier – the end result of your paiting will be super saturated with color and look more like an oil painting the softer (more expensive) the pastel.

Paper: 10 or more pieces. you can work as small as 8″x10″, or as large as 16″x20″. I reccomend buying large sheets and cutting them smaller. I would like for you to have 10 sheets of sanded paper. Kitty Wallis is probably my favorite, I buy artist grade in white so I can underpaint. Ersta, LaCarte are also good papers. Recently I have been using wet dry sandpaper from the auto parts store 400 grade – it is 9″x11″ and perfect for a daily study. MiTientes is a also good brand of paper (not sanded) it comes in a rainbow of colors, I would choose mid toned papers, not too light, and not too dark. I will have some wet dry sand paper for sale at cost ($1 sheet or so) if anyone would like to try it, or if you run out.

2 drawing boards – a little bigger than you plan on working, foam core, or masonite are fine

tracing paper or glassine to sandwich between finished artwork – again as big as your biggest work

From here on out the supplies are recommended, but not required:

view finder

bristle brush (for erasing and underpainting)

Jar of solvent for underpainting: denatured alcohol, turpentine, mineral spirits, or rubbing alcohol. They all work, denatured alcohol is my favorite – I pack in a small plastic bottle.

masking tape to hold your art to your board

small sketch book (I use 4×6 blank index cards)

pen and pencil

set of grey markers. I recommend prismacolor numbers: 156,158, 161, 163

white out





refrence photos

baby wipes

2 or 3 pastel pencils

water bottle

Please let me know what you think

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