Sol Rising

Solstice sunrise- Capitan, NM
4”x6” oil on canvas

I LOVE to start my day with the sunrise, it is the best reminder that I have another day, and to make it count. Today is the longest day of the year, measured by hours of daylight. Days can feel long for different reasons. I painted today’s sunrise thinking about a friend who is saying goodbye to her mom. No question, our world is a better place because she made her days count and her blessings poured out because of her efforts.

How painting “The Joy of the Hunt” became a hunt for joy.

Painting at Sammon’s Cancer Center.
Baylor Hospital, Dallas.

I LOVE being part of the arts and medicine program at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. The program’s aim is to treat the whole person, not just the body of that person. My goal is to share the joy I find in painting and perhaps, break up a hard day of work, treatment, or caregiving.

About this painting: I made a goal this year to do 12 big paintings (as defined by me, BIG is bigger than 2ft by 3ft). This is painting number 5. I was attempting to capture our little cat and the joy he experienced as he hunts. He loves to: crouch, waggle his hips, and POUNCE! I think humans share this joy of tackling a project, or goal, or hunting something down.

2ftx4ft mixed media on canvas

As I painted today, it was my joy to share in people’s joys. Many people stopped by to talk about my art, or cats…I heard stories of longings and struggles, and lots and lots of joys. The flowers in the field reminded one woman of her life’s work of creating floral arrangements and all the special occasions she has created flowers for., it was wonderful to hear her stories.

Before I left, I hit the Woolly mammoth of joy stories!!!! As an unsuspecting woman walked out of her appointment, she was surprised to find her community waiting to welcome her. It was her girlfriends, her sisters, her mom, her husband, and even her grandma. They were there with posters, and bells, gifts, and soooo many helium balloons. It was her last day of chemo and they were there to congratulate! This witness spread joy like a wildfire through the hospital. Nurses and doctors were validated. Other patients were encouraged. Everyone was inspired, by the patient’s struggle, and the community’s outpouring of love. Here is a photo I snapped from my easel. These moments of joy are all around if you just take a little time to hunt for them.

Done with chemo!!!!!

The Color of Dawn

8”x10” original pastel on sanded paper. For sale

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Would your mom like an original painting to pair with all her beautiful wildflower photos of her family??? Texas mom’s usually have one or two of these photos (per year).

Beach Play

5”x8” original oil on panel

My earliest memories of vacation are days at the beach. I loved being at the beach with my mom, and I love being at the beach with my kids. Would you like to honor your mom with a memory like this one? I am having a 20% sale. ALL my paintings are on sale. Use the code: Iloveyoumom

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Painted plein air
It was a perfect day!

Mother’s Day Sale!!!

“The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” —James E. Faust

The above is a true statement I can make about my mom, and my mother in law – beyond calculation.

10″x8″ original pastel on sanded paper. “Pink is a beautiful color, because it is one of the colors that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawn.” -Joy Bell C.

“The Color of Dawn” For sale!

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Here I am with my four, I love them more than words can describe. AND I love it when they give me presents. Perhaps your mom is like me, and would like something to unwrap this Mother’s Day?

Evening Fire

Approximately 24″x48″

Acrylic sketch and collage on paper

Today was a fun day. I played in my studio, trying some things for a water-media class I am teaching at Ghost Ranch this summer. My goal is to encourage play. I did that today.

When my you youngest child got home today, she applauded my efforts. Then she asked why Noah, my oldest, looked like a robot. “Well, I was looking at a photo, and that is how he was standing?” Was my reply. Feeling free, I ripped his part of the painting off and reattached it. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to work like this!!!!