Ants on a log – work in progress

30”x40” oil on canvas

I painted at Baylor Hospital today. I spoke with a woman who visits me frequently. She has sickle cell disease. They told her she would never make it to 20. She laughed and said “I am in my 60s! Every day is a gift.“. Amen. Let’s all try to remember that.

Arts and Medicine – Alison Read, Harpist

11×14 oil on panel – painted from life

There are days when all the stars align and you get to do something really, really special. Today was one of those days for me. The Arts and Medicine program at Baylor Hospital is one of the things I love most about Dallas. It is made up of art therapists, music therapists, artists and musicians. Sometimes, I get to paint when one of the musicians is playing. Today, was one of those really special days. The AMAZING Alison Read played a harp concert just for me, while I painted her! Ok, it wasn’t just for me, it was for all the patients, doctors, and caregivers in the hospital. It felt like it was just for me. I will attach a video of Alison’s beautiful music. What I didn’t capture was her amazing laugh, it fills spirits like a helium tank. I floated out of the hospital today:)

P.s. I painted that tiny bit of Harp peeking out behind her head to look like a halo on purpose. 😇