Four Hens and a Rooster

20″x16″ pastel on sanded board

I painted today at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. So many people stopped to talk. They had stories about their friends who raise, or just love chickens. They also wanted to talk art, there are many artists out there waiting to fulfill their potential. Maybe I gave them a nudge in that direction today. Mostly I just had people thank me for breaking up their Thursday. My art gave people a break before an oncology appointment or infusion. Turns out I can spread the joy I get from painting!

Fabric Brushstrokes

I just finished a very successful mixed media workshop, photos and report to come. I love opening up the world of “why not try this?” Into paintings. This morning I opened up the a new world of possibility, and scavenged some old clothes, some really ugly upholstery fabric (turned dull side out), and some random bits of fabric from my sewing box.

I am working on a big commission. I decided it needed more light, more clean color, and more texture. So I made…FABRIC BRUSHSTROKES! I can’t wait to incorporate them into the painting.

Coming up…

If you are in the DALLAS area, I will be at Northaven Garden Center selling my art Dec. 1st.


18″x12″ charcoal on chanson paper

Drawing from life. I started with a gesture, and then found smaller shapes, then shadow shapes…and along cane a face from all those shapes!