Fabric Brushstrokes

I just finished a very successful mixed media workshop, photos and report to come. I love opening up the world of “why not try this?” Into paintings. This morning I opened up the a new world of possibility, and scavenged some old clothes, some really ugly upholstery fabric (turned dull side out), and some random bits of fabric from my sewing box.

I am working on a big commission. I decided it needed more light, more clean color, and more texture. So I made…FABRIC BRUSHSTROKES! I can’t wait to incorporate them into the painting.

Coming up…

If you are in the DALLAS area, I will be at Northaven Garden Center selling my art Dec. 1st.


18″x12″ charcoal on chanson paper

Drawing from life. I started with a gesture, and then found smaller shapes, then shadow shapes…and along cane a face from all those shapes!