72 Hour Valentines Sale

You have three days starting now! I have a dozen original flowers that I have painted and are ready to ship. There is only one of each, so shop early if you have a favorite. Each painting is $100 and includes free shipping within in the US. They will be beautifully packaged and will arrive in plenty of time for Valentines. Please let me know if I can include a gift message.
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I set up a shop through Etsy and my shop name is Paintandsimple if the links don’t work for you.

Cecile Brunner. & Valentines Flower Sale

We can all hear Juliet’s famous words:
“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”

Perhaps a rose is a rose, but around here we use proper names! We refer to our roses as if they were the old ladies of the neighborhood. I say old because many are antique hybrids. This is Cecile Brunner (1881), — antique polyantha nicknamed the Sweetheart Rose. She is long lived and healthy, tolerates poor soil and part shade.

Starting tomorrow I will have a 72 hour flower sale for Valentines. I will give you the details tomorrow at 10am. If you would like to buy a flower for someone you love: your spouse, mom, sister, grandmother, or best friend, there will be a dozen to choose from. Each flower will be $100 with free shipping in the US, beautifully packaged – complete with a gift message of your choice.

Katy Road Pink

Here is the description of this beauty from Antique Rose Emporium’s catalog:
“Katy Road Pink” was in fact ‘Carefree Beauty.’ Forming an open, but extremely graceful bush, ‘Carefree Beauty’ appears to have few insect or disease problems and is not particular about soil or growing conditions. It is free blooming, probably one of the most floriferous pink roses that we grow, with new buds appearing all the time. Large hips are a nice treat!

Oh, how my mind personified this as I painted…remembering all the carefree beauties I have admired over the years…free blooming and not particular. For all the large-hipped beauties this could describe – bloom on!

Scarlet poppy

Today and yesterday’s flowers look really good together, I like the way they are facing each other. Perhaps they are engaged in a serious conversation, or just some chatty flower small talk. Here they are on my easel, the photo doesn’t really capture the intensity of the orange.


Gaudy Weed

The Poppy
High on a bright and sunny bed
A scarlet poppy grew
And up it held its staring head,
And thrust it full in view.

Yet no attention did it win,
By all these efforts made,
And less unwelcome had it been
In some retired shade.

Although within its scarlet breast
No sweet perfume was found,
It seemed to think itself the best
Of all the flowers round,

From this I may a hint obtain
And take great care indeed,
Lest I appear as pert and vain
As does this gaudy weed.