12″x8″ oil on panel

I have a set of shallow shelves by my easel where I put recent works to dry and look at. I put up the 8″square I painted yesterday, and chuckled at the fact that I put the horizon line on almost the exact same spot on all the 8″ tall paintings. And I wondered…could any of them work together? SCORE! I found an 8″x4″ that looked great with the square. I made a couple of color adjustments across the seam, but mostly I let the differences stand. I love them together!

Notice the horizon on both shelves.

Georgia’s View

10″x8″ oil on panel

This is the view from Georgia O’keefe’s driveway. This was painted from a color study, sketch, and photo at a soccer practice in North Texas. I feel like the formations are blazed into my memory because I have looked at them so much, I wonder if that is how Georgia felt.

First Light on Grandfather Mesa

7″x5″ oil on panel

I love to paint from life. However, I don’t live in the desert, and many of my days don’t allow time for field trips. I Painted this painting from a color study and photograph at my daughters gymnastic’s gym. (She is in the red right in front of my painting.). I have found that I do have time to make art if I am creative about finding windows. This week I will paint during gymnastics, on the field before a soccer game (as they warm up), and during choir practice.

Lamy, NM 7:46pm

5″x7″ pastel on sanded paper

I can almost see Padernal with low lying clouds; however it is actually a giant dark cloud, with a warm sunset sky and tiny mountains along the horizon.