Art Walk!!! Nov 13 and 14 noon -5pm

Come see my studio. Number 137. Goldmark Cultural Center. 13999 Goldmark; Dallas,TX. There are 120 artists who will be part of the art walk. Lots of studios to visit! I have 300 works for sale. Lots of recent work, and some bigger and framed pieces. None of it is for sale on my website. Noon to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. November 13 and 14.

Joyful Gathering

36” square oil on canvas

Today I painted at Baylor Hospital. I talked to LOTS of people and made some progress on a painting. This painting is the first in a series around the theme of gathering. Since covid isolation, I have longed to capture images of people being together. No masks, no separation, just together. As I talked with people at the hospital, this theme was a great conversation prompt. I loved hearing what gathering means to people, or particular types of gatherings that were most missed.

This is going to be a good project to work on! I will post progress on this painting, and others in the series. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the subject.