A Brother’s Hand

16″x20″ mixed media

If my paintings were sculptures I normally sculpt in clay. I add and add layers. This was created like a stone sculpture, I started with a wild underpainting, and then eliminated details to reveal the focal point. Negative space is what this is all about, turns out you can paint a beautiful tree by only painting sky.

Walking to School No•6

Walking to School – sketches

18″x24″ grey and black ink on newsprint

I read once Hemmingway always stopped writing mid sentence at a really good part so it was easier to get back into writing the next day. It turns out that your subconscious keeps “working on the project” as you move on to other things. I try to capture some of that subconscious grunt work by making notes about ideas, sketches, underpaintings, color plans… there are just started and half finished paintings all over my studio. Now, to let my brain work out these paintings as I move on to a mountain of laundry!