Hoop Dancing

Watching hoop dancing has been at the top of my list of an amazing summer. Hoop dancing is: amazing, athletic, mesmerizing, graceful, creative, beautiful, spellbinding…. and you can watch this beautiful dancer on GOOD MORNING AMERICA Friday, July 30th. My friend, and fellow instructor at Ghost Ranch, Steve Lorance will be in the Santa Fe Plaza with Lightning Boy Foundation with many hoop dancers for Good Morning America – filming in New Mexico. Below are a couple of quick sketches of Steve’s beautiful daughter dancing. And one of Steve chanting and drumming.

Young Boys, Hot Afternoon

16×20” acrylic and oil on canvas

This is such a sweet memory for me. It is from a hike 5 years ago of my son and his friend from Rome. It was hot the day we hiked, and it was HOT in my studio yesterday when I painted this. I started with a transparent red underpainting in acrylic, and then did a graphic black sketch in acrylic. I decided to leave bits of the red showing through to portray the HEAT. I haven’t yet decided if the paintings is complete. My original plan was to paint over the black lines, but I kind of like them graphic.

Red underpainting with acrylic sketch