Tree Tracks

5″x7″ original pastel on sanded paper

Available $75

I love the way the light turns everything rose right before sunset. The color, mixed with the long shadows, are nothing short of magic. You have to paint fast to capture this light, but this rough study managed to just capture what I was after!

💕 Please enjoy a celebration of pink paintings this month, in honor of breast cancer awareness. I paint for my friends and family who have fought the good fight against cancer, for their families, and for all caregivers who help along with the journey toward a healthy self (body, soul, and spirit). In my strokes of pink, are prayers of strength and healing.

Installation day!!!

I was invited to paint a painting for this beautiful bedroom. I was given free rein: how many pieces, size, medium, and subject were all up to me. I chose 4ft x 5 ft oil on canvas. I wanted something full of life and joy. This is what I painted.

Still Life With Menu

10″x8″ oil on linen panel

We planned a perfect day…we dropped my oldest son off at what must be the highest soccer field in the country to practice for a couple hours, and then we loaded up with paints, books, picnic, and fishing gear.

We arrived at Turquoise Lake, one of my favorite places. I set up to paint, and my other son found his fishing spot. “Mom, do you want to try trout fishing?” Of course, I replied “sure”

“I want to fly fish” I exclaimed! “Um, lets graduate to that, but you can use a fly as bait” he told me. He proceeded to set me up with a spin cast rod with what he called a wet fly and bubble. He handed me the rod. He then he generously “reviewed” how to cast. Of course I had no idea how to do this before, but he didn’t humiliate me by telling me that was ridiculous that I could reach the stage of my life and not know how to work a fishing rod. There was, what seemed to be, a fingernail clipping hanging from the line. “It is a nymph: in nature, nymphs hover about 6″ above the bottom of the stream, that is what we are mimicking with this setup.” Ok, he was talking animal behavior! I was totally on board. He told me to cast upstream, reel it in about a foot, watch the bubble drift down stream, when the bobber dipped down, hook the fish, and steadily and evenly reel it in. “Don’t be spastic when you reel it in.”

So, I casted, reeled it in a foot, and by some miracle I watched the bubble drift (I can’t tell you how hard it was to see clear “bubble” in a gurgling creek), but my son was watching just flies (i.e. Fingernail clipping) on his fly rod so I didn’t complain. Then my bubble dipped down, and exclaimed I had caught a trout! My son said “sometimes it feels like that” then he watched my rod bend and I enjoyed real time coaching from my son, and cheerleading from my daughters as I reeled in a beautiful rainbow trout. Then I proceeded to catch several more over the next hour. Hooray! I take back everything I have ever said about fishing: it was exciting, required finess, care, observation. I didn’t manage to hook all of them, and some of them were real fighters. It was sooo exciting!!!

It was also exciting when the fish and game warden walked up and asked my son if he had a fishing license, “no sir I am 15.” Then he turned and asked how old I was. “Older than 15” I dumbly replied. Fishing license! Dang, I totally forgot, all my kids were to young to need one in Colorado, so we didn’t plan for that. I got a ticket from the warden, and a sincere thank you for taking my kids fishing.

We cooked the trout in the coals of a campfire. They were seasoned with salt and pepper, stuffed with garlic and butter, wrapped in foil and cooked to perfection in 7 min. We plated them on blue speckled enamelware and served them with tiny roasted new potatoes and green beans. It was delicious! The bones came out in one piece like in a cartoon!

Oh, by the time we finally picked up my oldest son, he was cooked and had been out of water for hours. Luckily, he forgave us. “We got carried away catching fish I told him, we are having trout for dinner!” Then my offspring revealed “mom is a poacher.”

The Oaks they call Live

7″x5″ oil on panel, en Plein air

Mo Ranch, Texas

We have retreated for a day to the hill country. Tomorrow we will pick up my girls from camp here. Mo ranch is a wonderful place, and I am grateful for this day. I am trying my hand at painting my favorite tree, the Live Oak. Its branches grow twice as wide as the tree is tall, and the shade a grove creates is heaven on earth. I am well pleased with this attempt.

Blooms and Thorns

10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper

Available $150 Click here to buy

One of my favorite quotes is: “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” -Alphonse Karr. I love cacti, all of them. I like how they are stubborn and gritty and have adaptations to survive in harsh environments. I love their varied shapes and colors. Mostly, I love them as a metaphors for life. Life can be prickly, but we can bloom anyways!

Click here to see my cactus collection.

Mad Flight

4″ square

For sale $35 Click here to buy

Click on the link to see more of my Birds and Bees paintings

I am an environmental Biologist who loves to paint. My training is that of a naturalist, to observe nature. My paintings portray natural settings, natural processes, and people outdoors interacting with nature. All of these suggest a celebration of nature and the potential of life. If you have ever watched birds or bees, really watch them, you will know there is magic all around you. These paintings are to serve as a reminder of that magic and beauty, to inspire you to slow down next time you see one, and really notice it. And then, to celebrate that wonderful creation.

Keys to Spring

8″x6″ original oil on panel

It is spring in Texas, and we have been treated to a spectacular season of wildflowers! The evening primrose is in full bloom and it is breathtaking!

This painting is available for $100. Click here to purchase. I am uploading many of my recent works to my store. Original art makes a great gift.

Clover Close Up

7″x5″ oil on panel. For sale $75. Every now and then I paint something and am delighted with the result. This is one of those paintings, I love the way it turned out!

Noticing the beautiful, tiny details around me has been a benefit from shelter in place during this pandemic. Even a yard seems really big when you zoom in this close.

I am adding some recent paintings into my store. If you are looking for a special Mother’s Day gift, original art might be something to consider.