Pink Ladies

12″x9″ pastel on sanded paper

This is a quick study of a beautiful Texas bloom.  We have a fields of these around our house right now, they seem to glow from within.  They are a beautiful pink, but they often show up in photos almost white.   This study was to capture the color and the glow.

Pink Evening Primrose

12″x9″ pastel on sanded paper

Fantastic workshop day!!!  I am teaching in North Texas, and there are beautiful wild flowers.  Today was rainy for plein air, but we worked up color studies and expanded them to finished paintings.

Chicken House

8″x10″ oil on panel

I had a great day plain air painting Saturday, I love the energy of painting with other painters!  

I have busy prepping for classes and haven’t been posting much lately.   Sorry for the radio silence if you follow my blog.  If you are taking one of my upcoming classes, they are going to be amazing.  If you are wanting to take your art to the next level, why not make the commitment and sign up?  My  class in two weeks still have a couple spots left: Plein Air Pastel Workshop April 25-28