La NiƱa y su Ovejita

8×10″ pastel on sanded paper

Cusco, Peru.  This is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the continent.  If you ever visit, you will know why people have lived here so long, it is really special.  The altitude makes the light really beautiful, and we are close enough to the equator that it is pleasantly cold, but not freezing.   Plein air painting is delightful!

Sacred Valley, Last Light

10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper

Sacred Valley, Peru

The way the light hit the deep valley nestled between the Andes was impressive.   I finally grabbed a bit of Internet to post.  I LOVE the colors here, a painters dream come true.  I have made dozens of color notes and sketches, those who follow my blog will enjoy a nice long trip to South America.

Leaves of Grass

14″X11″ pastel on sanded paper

“Do anything, but let it produce joy.”

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

I love the light this time of year, especially as it falls in streaks and highlights grass heads in the morning light.

I started this painting on toned paper and by blocking in my darks.  I love creating an abstract composition by connecting the darks.  

Autumnal Light

12″x9″ pastel on sanded paper

I love the light this time of year, it is beautiful.  It doesn’t feel like fall in the air yet, but you can see it in the shadows.  The autumnal rose twilight is nothing short of magic.  

October is the reason to live in Texas.