Day’s End

7″x5″ oil on panel

Sunset, New Ulm, TX

I love to teach. I am so grateful to share my gifts and inspire others. It feels right and I am so lucky to have a family that supports me doing this from time to time.

Spring Afternoon in Texas

7″x5″ oil on panel

The middle school flooded and was temporarily closed, and I got to enjoy an unexpected spring day with 2 of my kids. If you look carefully I captured my son and his fishing buddy on the far shore of the pond. I felt old fashioned saying “do whatever you want, as long as you are outside.” It was a gift, and I am grateful to have received it.

I have a couple spots left in my plein air oil workshop next week.

Joy in the Workplace

Pastel painting break for the nurses of 2J at Baylor Hospital, Dallas.

Arts and Medicine went on tour to one of the busiest units in the hospital. I was asked “can you come up with an activity that could be done in 30-45 min?” You bet I can!

I arrived with my supplies and the nurses trickled in a couple, then a few at a time. They learned, the laughed, they painted, and they all left with a finished pastel painting. 💯 % of these outstanding nurses made time to participate.

As I left, I spied a display being made on the floor! Here are a couple of their paintings: