Thank got to bring my youngest to the hospital with me today while I painted:)

3 thoughts on “Four Stream Ahead – work in progress

  1. Hey Babe, wow this is great (minor typo first line with “thank got”

    So, here is what I love:

    – your paints on the floor, makes you look so pro like real artist! – Your girl’s smile is REAL–as are the shoeless feet (thank you St. Teresa, pies descalzos!) – That backpack:it’s been nibbled by rats in the high desert, and equally at home resting in front of corporate branding! Love that Juliana! – The title. Evocative, funny, yet present and intimate. Great title. – I love the “making house” aspects: the paper towells, the little canister of potion hanging.

    Everybody who crosses your path is blessed.

    Love MC

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