Lamy, NM 7:46pm

5″x7″ pastel on sanded paper

I can almost see Padernal with low lying clouds; however it is actually a giant dark cloud, with a warm sunset sky and tiny mountains along the horizon.

Ranch in the Round

40″x8″ pastel on sanded paper

Ghost Ranch, NM – plein air

A 4 painting day is a good day. This was a good one. I set a lofty goal for my students and they ALL did it! We captured Ghost Ranch in the round.

We painted the 4 paintings over the course of the day, the only requirement was that the horizon line had to match up from one painting to the next. At the end of the day, we took them back and lined them up in the studio and tried to make it believable. That was my favorite part! It was like solving a puzzle. The sky changed so much over the course of the day, it was fun making the transitions work from one painting to the next.

Quiet Meadow

4″x8″ oil on panel

To some, this might be an unkept median. To me it is a point of beauty on my walk to school with my daughter.

If you were to photograph the Meadow, it would be mostly green, I chose to add violets in place of some of the greens because they are quiet and peaceful. I am delighted with the result, the painting looks the way the meadow feels to me, therefore my mission is accomplished.