“Light and Shadow”

We have been in the “land of enchantment” for nearly 6 weeks. I am headed home today. We are richer for our experiences and time in this beautiful state. We are shy our pop-up camper, but we have gained many stories, a bear skull, a bunch of finished paintings, stone carvings, and fused glass jewelry pieces my sons made:) As a group we have covered hundreds of miles on trail, and watched the light change on many mountains and mesas. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the summer. For our friendships we have nurtured, and the time we have spent together…I am truly grateful.

This is my “daily painting” at White Sands National Monument. I will do a painting of the dunes by moonlight in the next few weeks, but for now, you can enjoy my shadows.

I leave a little bit of myself in Texas when we depart on this journey, and now I feel a little bit of myself will remain in New Mexico.

“Work as Prayer”


I have just finished reading “The Hawk and the Dove” trilogy by Penelope Wilcock. It is the story of a Benedictine monastery in the 13th century. A brother at Christ in the Desert thought I would enjoy it. What a great story, and it has made the time I have spent at The monastery even more meaningful. This is Brother James, watering the prayer garden.

“Plein Air Painter”


This is an artist friend of mine named Rick. He is painting near Georgia O’Keefe’s house at Ghost Ranch. Rick has a great eye. He knows how the light will fall and change with the passing of time and seasons. He is a delight to paint with, and a great friend.

“White Mountain Wilderness”


This is in the White Mountain Wilderness, in a meadow, on the trail to Nogal Peak. Southeastern New Mexico had terrible fires earlier this summer; this area was not burned, and the trail was just opened yesterday. It felt good to paint green after all the red and orange of Ghost Ranch.

What you can't see in my photo is the village of fairy houses that my children discovered in this grove of trees. I intended to paint the kids in, but they had moved on to the creek by the time I got to that part of the painting. I don't know how to include the gurgle of the creek, or the children's laughter carried by the cool mountain breeze. You will have to imagine the fairy houses and the soundtrack.