Juliana Crownover painting native Texas wildflowers

Welcome.  My name is Juliana Crownver.  “Paint and Simple” is a diary of my daily paintings.   In my art I try to use light and color to bring out beauty in everyday life, whether it is the season’s first tomatoes or my son hanging laundry on the line.  In that way I use my art as a reminder of where to find beauty all around us, and to slow down in our daily lives so that we may see it.

Paint and Simple is run from a small farmhouse on a four generation farm in North Central Texas.

10 thoughts on “Juliana Crownover

  1. Julie, Your philosophy of your art bringing out the beauty in everyday life is so inspiring. Your art will now make my life more beautiful every day. Thank you for your gift. M

    1. Dear Julianna,I tell people everyday about how great you are and how inspiring
      I gave my daughter Hayley your painting of the woman and child in Peru.I want to tell you how much I loved your class.My family was amazed at what I did in a week.I have set up my studio,I’m inGeorgetown Tx. helping my sister recover from an operation,I hope you and your family are all doing great,Love and Kisses Lori Price

  2. I just discovered your art diary. Thank you so much for sharing! I adore the colors and choice of subject (live next door to you in north central Louisiana….aren’t we blessed!) It’s bittersweet…..I so long to learn how to paint half as good as you….maybe next life….until then, I’ve bookmarked your diary. You have inspired me. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Juliana,

    Awesome! website/blog. Love your latest paintings of flowers. Did not know you were a poet too, amazing! I have sent you a Facebook friend request, but it seems like you are not active on it. You can visit my blog at http://www.faisaltariq.com. Hope to see you soon sometime in the future.

    Take Care,

    Faisal Tariq

  4. I am really glad I found your site Julie! I love your work. Great colors and wonderful bold expressive strokes! I look forward to following you and seeing more of your new paintings! So good…. ~Rita

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