Our Baseball Sunset


It has been a lovely spring here in North Texas. The breezes have been frequent, the wildflowers abundant, and the baseball diamonds full of life. I love the sounds of an evening in the ballpark: the smack of the ball, the call of the coaches, the one liners of the baseball nuts in the stands, the roar of the crowds, and the support calls and cheers of team mates. Last night was the last game of our season, it was a good one, the season and the game. The boys played well and supported each other, the community grew smaller as people made connections and relationships through conversations in the bleachers. Siblings that didn’t know each other became friends, and learned the valuable skill of passing hours and hours while their brothers played and parents and grandparents watched the games. I am humbled by our coaches who have given our sons such a valuable gift: of their talent and time – both in abundance. They taught our boys skills, and sportsmanship, when to fight and when to let it go. “Play every play with all your heart, but just remember whatever happens on this field stays on this field.”