Wrangling Chicks

10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper

I have been playing with abstraction in my art. I find simplified color and detail to be so beautiful and pleasing to the eye. I love how a few swipes of color can suggest a chick.

Hurrying Across

10″x8″ pastel on sanded paper

Out of all the crazy thing I have seen in lost and found boxes, I have never seen TIME. Time is a hard thing to find. You have to MAKE time for things most important in your life. Today I am painting while my son attends a pole vaulting camp.

That spec in the top half of the frame is my fledgling learning to fly!

Ranch Flock

These are the hens that live at the farm at Ghost Ranch, but Ranch is full of many more flocks. It fun to see all the ways people create family. Through marriage and birth, or adoption and chosen family. Some flocks are just groups of people who have met at the Ranch for years and years to take a certain class, but the class becomes almost secondary to these reunions that have happened for the last couple of decades.

Aristotle was right when he said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The individuals are great, but the flocks amazing.