Hold My Hand


Your little fist fits mine
Like the pit in a plum.

One day and one size
These two hands
Will clasp companionably.

Help me, child.
Forgive me when I fail you.
I’m your mother, true,
But in the end
Merely an older equal
Doing her faltering best
For a dear, small friend.

-Carol Lynn Pearson

“Window to my Heart”



The father daughter day hike at Big Bend takes place at the famous rock formation called Window Rock. The lower painting is from a Christmas morning long ago. I love to imagine the phone conversations that must have taken place.

I painted these paintings from photos and memories, and I was honored to do so. The little girl from Christmas morning had a chance to grow up, and loved to hike with her Dad, but her life was cut short. As I went through the day today with my family, I thought often of the parents in these paintings, and the parents in New Town, and any parents who have had to bury a child.

Merry Christmas to all, and I wish you all a peace filled holiday and year to come.