8″x4″ original oil on panel

For sale $75

I love to paint cardinals. Something about the way this one came together just delights me. The colors are subdued and so beautiful. It has a special beauty, like a happily married couple.

Winsome Sky

8″x10″ original oil on panel.

Ouchita Trail, Arkansas

Available $150

A new day! A sunrise painting is my perfect reminder: today is a new day. New hope. Another try. Another day to celebrate ordinary moments. One little thing I celebrate in this painting, are all the juicy, wonderful strokes of paint!

💕 Please enjoy a celebration of pink paintings this month, in honor of breast cancer awareness. I paint for my friends and family who have fought the good fight against cancer, for their families, and for all caregivers who help along with the journey toward a healthy self (body, soul, and spirit). In my strokes of pink, are prayers of strength and healing.

Garnet in Gloaming

4″ square oil on panel.

On a cold, rainy, winter day, nothing delights me more than looking out and seeing our Juniper trees covered in cardinals. It is almost as if God decorated for Christmas.

Available $35 message me to buy

We and Our Shadow

4’x3′ mixed media

Walking to School series No• 15

“Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life.” -Jean de La Fontaine

I count the friendship between these two among my biggest blessings.

Scarlet poppy

Today and yesterday’s flowers look really good together, I like the way they are facing each other. Perhaps they are engaged in a serious conversation, or just some chatty flower small talk. Here they are on my easel, the photo doesn’t really capture the intensity of the orange.