Beach Boys

This painting started as a memory: the last morning of a great week at the beach with my family. It was cold, we carried a thermos of coffee and hot chocolate down to the ocean to watch the sun rise. We walked, and sipped, and enjoyed the cool sand beneath our feet. I love the way my boys often lean into each other when they walk.

Of course, like any good Labradors, or my children in this case, they did not stay out of the water. I packed up this memory with the kids wet and sandy sweatshirts and pajamas. Now months later, my memory finally found its way to my easel (fortunately my husband is better at unpacking than I am, he dealt with the wet clothes the midnight we came home).

Angry Waves

This was day one at the beach…30+ mph wind, and COLD. I was freezing in a jacket, and was dry on shore, those are my crazy children playing in the water. I was hoping to plein air paint a bit, perhaps the wind will die down and I will have a chance later in the week.

The children named these waves angry waves.