We and Our Shadow

4’x3′ mixed media

Walking to School series No• 15

“Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life.” -Jean de La Fontaine

I count the friendship between these two among my biggest blessings.

Early Morning Mirror


This painting captures beautiful morning light on my pond.  Below are my studies.  I tried toning the paper with 3 different colors and doing small studies to see which color I preferred.  I went with the lavender, which was I interesting because I would have guessed the orange or yellow orange would have been my preference.

Towards Dusk

9″x12″ pastel on sanded paper

Here is an example of my painting process. Doing value, and color studies often make the painting go faster, and the result has better energy and freshness than when I fail to plan.

Flowers Shall Grow

This is a field of yellow flowers. I didn’t note which species on my photo, but I know enough about yellow composites to know each flower is not that remarkable on its own. It probably had a woody stem, perhaps even slightly prickly, and they usually have a fragrance that is…well, stinky. As I painted, I thought of the thousands and thousands of acts we go through as mothers – the small things that alone don’t amount to much, honestly, they too might be just a wee bit stinky. However, if you can get a bit of perspective, by climbing a tree, standing on your car, or perhaps a stack of calendars and yearbooks the big picture can take your breath away.

From My Rotting Body, Flowers Shall Grow, and I Am in Them, and That Is Eternity
—Edvard Munch

28 Minute Rose

Today I realized I had 30 minutes until basketball practice, so I picked something I could paint fast, abstract the details.

Here is what it looked like at 28 minutes

Two minutes left…I darkened the background, and changed the orientation.

Cloudcroft Afternoon

I love the grey days we have been having in North Texas lately, the atmosphere has a quiet quality. As I have been running around the last few days, I have been color mixing in my head…dappled yellow and gold foliage against a warm grey sky. I haven’t gotten out to paint it yet, wet weather is tricky with pastels in plein air, perhaps next week. In the meantime I went through my photos, this one is from Cloudcroft New Mexico, it was late summer and the trees were green, but the wildflowers and overcast sky satisfied my immediate desire to paint yellow and grey.