This is Plaza Blanca, or The White Place. Georgia O’Keefe painted it, and it is feature in the film “Cowboys and Aliens.” Plaza Blanca is eerily devoid of color compared to the red rocks that are found around Ghost Ranch.

For the artists reading this, or those interested in color theory, you will find this note interesting. I painted this study with a set of pastels I made this week in a workshop, we made beautiful purples, and lights. One of the sticks I made was a total surprise. I mixed 5 parts ultra marine blue, with one part yellow ochre. Yellow and blue makes green right? I expected a slightly olive green. They mixed together to make the most beautiful greyed periwinkle!? The scientist in me knows that until I repeat my experiment my results don’t mean much, but for now I am left guessing that because both ochre and ultramarine and warm versions of yellow and blue, that affected their mixing to make a purple. The color is beautiful, and the surprise, a delight.

4 thoughts on ““Plaza Blanca”

  1. with light, blue and yellow makes white, so maybe your mix is just enough more ultramarine was enough to get the greyish tint… it’s certainly an interesting mix though! i wouldn’t have guessed it!

  2. Two summers ago I was able to hike through Plaza Blanca and the sky was ever bit as blue as it is depicted in this painting. It is a beautiful place and devoid of color. This painting makes me remember the wonderful day I had there.

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