I did this plein air painting yesterday afternoon just before the sunset. I loved the way the light snuck through the valley and spilled out onto the river bank. It touched all of the yellow plants and turned them GOLD. Beautiful. I painted with Christ in The Desert Monastery to my back. When the bell rang for Vespers the light had changed drastically, so I packed up and slipped into the chapel to chant with the monks. What a beautiful way to end the day.

3 thoughts on “Chama River Valley

  1. I love it… I spent two summers there with the monks in the early 1970’s, feel like it was yesterday in looking at your painting now, and am reflecting now on changing/not changing life patterns. Ah, thank you!. I can almost identify the spot you painted from in my mind’s recollection of that beautiful forked canyon… and the chanting and the silence…oh, such gifts.
    Martha Murchison is a neighbor and sent this photo of your painting on to me!

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