This rooster was a 10 min. Demo for a student art class. I used student pastels on sanded paper. Pastels on sanded paper, I should know that song and dance by now…the student pastels created a multi-colored, pig-pen, whirl of a mess. Wow! What a mess.

2 thoughts on “Primary rooster

  1. I’ve done a demo on Canson the last 5 years for our elementary school and had to come up with a whole “method” for dealing with the mess from the student grade pastels. Not fun! Can;t imagine sanded paper.

  2. Hi Julie –
    I haven’t commented on your paintings lately, but I want you to know I look at every one of them. You are SO talented and I love the stories that go with the paintings. I look forward to seeing all you’ve done in person on our next trip to Dallas.

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