I came across this painting today. I didn’t like it, but I hadn’t thrown it away. So I sat down to figure out why it didn’t work. The background had to much contrast, and was perhaps the wrong color. (sorry no before picture). Originally the background had bright green and yellow (which is how the grass really looked), and had a lot of the dark paper showing through. So I took a hard teal pastel and scumbled over the entire background. Ta-da! It works now. Sometimes reality isn’t the best place to base your subjects.

2 thoughts on “Rooster on Teal

  1. Hi Julie, it’s Liz Alvarado. Do you remember me, I work with your dad. I like the rooster. Might it be available in a postcard? I still want to get 3 rooster postcard size prints. They can all be the same print or all different.

  2. “Sometimes reality isn’t the best place to base your subjects.” I think those words of wisdom apply to more than painting de vez en cuando!
    As always, nice work!

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