9 thoughts on “Stream side thumbnail

  1. Your stream provided a great 2 minute study break – just soaking in the colors and texture helped me rejuvenate and push forward! xo Jo

    1. A thumbnail is a tiny sketch, so called because it is typically about the size of an actual adult thumb’s nail. Thumbnails, in the context of art, are rapidly executed near-doodles, and serve to get the creative flow flowing. They are preliminary designs. Wait, strike that. A thumbnail would fall into the category of a pre-preliminary design, if such a category existed.

      I think of thumbnails as about the size of a postage stamp, this is actually more of a color study…4×6 which is small but not technically a thumbnail. I approach the process of making these little studies differently: more about shapes and color than making a finished painting. I almost never spend more than 15 min.

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