I love that last hour before dark, when the sunlight slams into everything making it glow. There is something magical about that hour metaphorically too. If you are a procrastinator you know what I am talking about. There is nothing like the looming darkness of a deadline to causes you to write a brilliant paper. Sometimes it takes being conscious that the end is near to really notice things around you. The last hour of vacation is often more appreciated than the first. I wonder if we were able stay present to these ideas how much more we could enjoy our lives. So for those of us who rush around and forget to be present, stop and look up when the sun is hanging low and the light changes your perspective, and really soak it in.

5 thoughts on “The Golden Hour

    1. I used a dark charcoal grey sanded paper. My favorite plein air paper is wet dry sandpaper from the hardware or auto parts store (400 grit). It is a lovely dark. I think the warm colors are so intense because the sky is such a dark blue grey.

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