I love visiting this Benedictine Monastery. I love the chanting. I love the silence, I love the ritual. I love the feeling of going back in time 1500 years. I love that I am welcomed so warmly, sometimes with words and sometimes with a smile. I like the daily ritual of keeping the hours, and work and quiet. It is good to be reminded that I don’t have to be so busy. It is good to be reminded to live an intentional life, whatever that intention may be.

I did this painting during a free period. I painted with a joyful heart and a quiet spirit. The late morning light was so beautiful on the gate to the little guest cottage we stayed in.

2 thoughts on “The Gate is Open

  1. Beautiful! Cat Bucher sent me your site. I love your work. I visited this monastery years ago and tried to do an oil pastel of this same gate, but could never capture it. Lovely!

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