Last week I had a wonderful sunset walk with my daughters, and we watched in wonder and awe as the colors changed all around and up above us. Then the apricots, and pinks, and reds grayed, and finally turned from blue to dark. Our spell was broken. Miriam, my 6 year old broke the silence. She said “if I were the sun, I would do this every night.”

We are on the far side of the summer solstice now, and I am struck by how much the sunset has moved up from last week to this. Here are last night’s colors after the color works as they started to grey.

2 thoughts on “8:35 Sunset

  1. Please tell Miriam I agree with her comment about “if I were the Sun.” Her wisdomand wonder combined moved my heart-smile into joy, thanks to Miriam’s mom’s generosity of word-and-picture sharing.

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