We waited on pins and needles last summer as the White Mountain Wilderness burned. We learned this summer that the fires that passed through were not too hot to ruin the forest, our beloved Argentina, and Bonito canyons were saved! Today I hiked hiked Bonito canyon with my kids. Another year of maturity liberated me from having to pack in a child on my back. The girls were in bipedal delight, and the boys were packed down with lunch and water bottles on their backs, which left me free to carry plein air painting supplies! The boys headed up into the canyon with slingshots and pockets heavy with rocks, and the girls waded and splashed at my feet in a lovely stream all day. I hiked with my family, painted by a babbling stream, and had my favorite hiking lunch: triscuits, hard salami, pink lady apples and good cheese.

I am grateful for a perfect day.

20130816-165628.jpg<br /

7 thoughts on “Bonito Canyon

  1. You are as gifted a writer as a painter… and married to a talented photographer? Thank you for the vicarious experience. I’m always stunned by the extraordinary arts you complete in such a short period of time. If it’s Argentina, and Bonito… then abrazos a la familia, por favor.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, you’ve captured a little slice of perfect. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us.

  3. Sweet Juliana! Glad to see you having some good family time alone together! Down time for me…last big week at the Ranch ended yesterday…off until mid-Sept., feels good! Be well, hugs to you all esp. Miriam and Lydia! Susan

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