A Texas Sunset

Marigold, to tangerine
a hint of lavender fade.
Bright orb center scene,
For no other would I trade

Lakeshore water calming
Slowly falling behind
Feeling all my wanting,
Worry’s string unwind.

Pure, Naked, Beauty.
Right before my eyes
Like a bright red ruby
Light slowly dies.

More blue to violet in the sky
Sparkling specks come to sight
As if to replace the orb’s supply
Flickering, shining, vast glitter light

Gone once more, but not for long
Tomorrow’s day another bright song.

-Mary Alice Sallman

5 thoughts on “Sunset 7:46

  1. Absolutely beautiful painting. I love how peaceful and calm it makes me feel just by looking at it. The poem is perfect with it.

  2. juliana, I really look forward to your daily painting. I keep trying to inspire myself but feel that there is not much around here as a subject after the beauty of Ghost Ranch. I need to start collecting pictures as you and Susan do. Mary Goldsmith

    1. When I am not feeling inspired I give myself homework assignments, for example…look through your photos and find a dozen that you like. Then try to paint them all in the next 2 weeks, work small if you need to. Then repeat.

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