Black-eyed Susan

Who is this, so tall and slender
Like a graceful maiden fair,
By the roadside in the sunshine
With her locks of yellow hair?
See you how she leans and listens
To the west wind wand’ring by
As the sun god calls and woos her
Stands the bashful maiden shy?
Must I tell you in her splendor
Her quaint old-fashioned name?
Would you know her when you meet her
With her tawny yellow mane?

Arthur Bernstein (May 9,1953 / New York, New York)

One thought on “Black-eyed Susan

  1. Lovely painting.
    Unknown author but a fun poem about Black Eyed Susan’s
    I used to love my garden
    But now my love is dead
    I found a Bachelor’s Button
    In my Black Eyed Susan’s bed.

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