Two nights ago I grabbed all the basil from our garden, and rather unceremoniously plunked them (root balls and all) into a spaghetti pot filled with water to save them from a hard freeze. We had several large and healthy basil plants, so they look rather out of place on my counter until they meet their fate as pesto. The Thai basil was in bloom, so this little bunch made a perfect subject for a still life.

3 thoughts on “Last Drop of Summer’s Perfume

    1. Pesto:
      2 cups basil leaves
      About 4 cloves of garlic
      1/2 c toasted nuts: pine, almond, or walnuts
      1/2 c Parmesan cheese
      S and P to taste
      Enough olive oil to allow it to blend

      Grind together in some kind of kitchen machine: food processor, blender etc.

      We enjoyed with pasta, shrimp, asparagus, baby kale, and cherry tomatoes

      P.s. if you are lucky enough to have any left, freeze in ice cube trays

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