I am continuing to work on my portrait skills. I took a wonderful one day workshop from the Anna Bain. I walked into her studio and was surrounded by beautiful faces: dozens of framed portraits hanging on all the available wall space. Anna’s paintings were breathtaking and inspiring. Her demo was amazing. The atmosphere was nurturing. After lunch we stood at our easels, brushes in hand ready to capture the lovely model, Misty, in oil. this was my first attempt to paint a portrait in oil. I had also never tried double, oil primed portrait grade linen as a surface to paint on (cotton primed canvas feels like sidewalk in comparison). I wish I would have had 3 more hours because I needed all of my time to establish the major highlights and shadows. My Misty looks older and more severe than how lovely and serene model actually was, but I am happy with my first attempt.

5 thoughts on “Pursuing Portraiture

  1. So glad you posted this–I had seen it on Anna’s post with no indication of who the artist was! You did a fantastic job!

  2. I think you should be very happy with your first attempt. Your version of Misti may be a little more serious than the live Misti, but you certainly captured her features very well. ONWARD!

  3. J looks like you nailed the various shadows and midranges unbelievably quickly. You could be a master in any medium.

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