I love the way everything glows rose as the sun is setting. This painting was done from a photo under the skillful eye of artist Anna Rose Bain. I getting more comfortable with portraits and oils with each try. Thank you Rick, for encouraging me to keep trying.

5 thoughts on “Miriam Rose in Rose Light

  1. Beautiful painting. Beautiful girl. Miriam is glowing from within, incredible that you have captured the perfect rose color for our Rose.

  2. Juliana, I cannot tell you how beautiful this is! Your portrait talents are striking. Such warmth! You have a house full of subjects, too! I love it. Keep going, and we’ll talk about our twins sometime. Rick

  3. Just beautiful!! I so enjoy seeing your work and its progression. How I would love to have a teaspoon of your talent!! Really lovely and a beautiful subject!

  4. Ditto to the previous comments.
    You are such a talented artist and yes, your posted portraits are getting better all the time. Beautiful subject and finished product!

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