18″x24″ pastel on sanded board

I found this great poem on a packet of Indian Paint seeds: “A strange little flower with a sun-kissed nose, without perfume yet red as a rose. Did some Indian maiden plant you here in the footprint left by the hoof of a deer?” -A.V. Hudson

3 thoughts on “Spring Blooms Red Orange

  1. Obviously, I love this one, too!!! What fun to see something you are familiar with rendered in a painting! The poem is so apropos. Thanks, Sue

    p.s. I wished for you during this evening’s sunset after a rainstorm. Now I see everything in “lights and darks.”

  2. Wow, Juliana. “Spring Blooms Red Orange” is one of my favorites. It simply touches my soul.
    Following your work for almost 2 years now I’m seeing you finding your distinct and beautiful style.

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