Between sunset last night, and sunrise this morning I went to the camp talent show. We gathered out on a beautiful porch and enjoyed songs, and poems, stories, and jokes. The desert got darker and the community closer. I found myself thinking about the year we lived in Cuba. When we arrived, we had paperwork to fill out: name, passport number, home address, and then we had to list our skill and our talent. Those were two things that everyone should have to contribute to the community. As I enjoyed the talent show last night I thought how wonderful it was, and what talent I might offer up. What would your talent be if you had a minute, a week, a month, or a year to prepare? Think about it, perhaps we will meet next summer in the desert and by the light of the stars, share a little part of ourselves in a way we humans have for thousands of years.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise 20 June 5:47am

  1. I so enjoy the serenity and peacefulness your drawings give to me …and the thoughts you offer of sharing one’s talents. En route traveling now for a family wedding celebration, a memorial celebrating the passing of another family member, and visiting a 95 year old aunt who celebrates her life everyday. This made me realize that their talent has been sharing their lives with me; adding friendship and love, kindness, laughter and some good memories……all blessings.

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