24″x18″ pastel on sanded paper
I did this painting as a demo. I enjoyed painting for a group of friends/ students/ artists, and listening to live music. I started with a complimentary color study of the scene, and ended by being gifted with a snickers ice cream bar. It was a great afternoon!

Underpainting before denatured alcohol wash

Underpainting after alcohol wash.
I love the way an underpainting adds complexity to colors in way that is hard to duplicate.

2 thoughts on “Adobe early afternoon

  1. Loved this one. I’m not usually a “desert” person, but the colors captivated me.
    Love, Sue

  2. Juliana

    I’ve texted, emailed and sent carrier pigeons to Matthew but haven’t heard back. I’m in Santa Fe for the week. Is there any chance we can see you guys?



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