I love the way yellow and violet combined to create this misty morning.

6 thoughts on “Black Birds, Quiet Morning

  1. Beautiful! Would you mind if I put some of your works on my desktop screensaver at the office? Most of them are so inspiring to me and just a joy to come across in my inbox.

    (Hi, Julie! I loved seeing you and yours several times a day and sure am lonely for being at Ghost Ranch!)

    Genna M. Bethel Assistant to the President

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    paintandsimple posted: ” I love the way yellow and violet combined to create this misty morning.”

  2. Greetings Juliana,

    I am an avid follower and look forward to your daily creations, which are always very inspiring. Sometimes, the words you add, be they your own thoughts, or a poem referenced, are equally meaningful and rewarding. A friend and fellow artist sent me your link early last year. I don’t know how many followers you have, but I have likewise passed on your “paint and simple” email link a number of times.

    I found your “Black Birds, Quiet Morning” especially interesting as I have had a similar fascination with the look of “birds on a wire”. I’m not a plein air painter, but I recently did a number of small canvases, where I tried to portray the same old fence, but with different arrangements of birds as a foreground silhouette against a variety of different skies. If you get a chance, please check out “The Birds” series on my webpage (jack-malloch.artistwebsites.com). I’d greatly appreciate any feedback you might be willing to offer.

    Again, thank you so much for sharing your creations and thoughts, they certainly bring a positive light to my day.

    Jack Malloch

  3. Juliana
    i love this one. different feeling for you, not sure what it is exactly but i wouldn’t have id’d it as one of yours. that said, as i do w so much of your work, i really enjoyed today’s painting.

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