4 thoughts on “Winter is Dead

    1. You probably have encountered sanded paper before, sand paper used in a wood shop project. I do t know why artists call it sanded paper and not sand paper. I usually use artist grade sanded paper, Uart is the brand I use the most 400 grade. I also use wetdry sand paper I buy from an industrial supplier. All paper has “tooth” tracing or wax paper is very smooth and has very little tooth. Sand paper has a lot of tooth. You can build up many layers of pastel on sanded paper, and the effect of working on sanded paper is quite luminous.

  1. The under painting is a nice prelude to the final. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a wash. Do you use turpentine with the pastel to achieve that? Love the landscapes. TX looks very inviting through your eyes!

    1. Great question Matt! I usually use denatured alcohol and pastels as an underpainting. Sometimes I use water, which takes much longer to dry, but I always have it with me. Water leaves a look more like watercolor, it is a little hard to control. Denatured alcohol leaves more crisp brush lines, and stays where you want it.

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