Young Boys, Hot Afternoon

16×20” acrylic and oil on canvas

This is such a sweet memory for me. It is from a hike 5 years ago of my son and his friend from Rome. It was hot the day we hiked, and it was HOT in my studio yesterday when I painted this. I started with a transparent red underpainting in acrylic, and then did a graphic black sketch in acrylic. I decided to leave bits of the red showing through to portray the HEAT. I haven’t yet decided if the paintings is complete. My original plan was to paint over the black lines, but I kind of like them graphic.

Red underpainting with acrylic sketch

Sol Rising

Solstice sunrise- Capitan, NM
4”x6” oil on canvas

I LOVE to start my day with the sunrise, it is the best reminder that I have another day, and to make it count. Today is the longest day of the year, measured by hours of daylight. Days can feel long for different reasons. I painted today’s sunrise thinking about a friend who is saying goodbye to her mom. No question, our world is a better place because she made her days count and her blessings poured out because of her efforts.