Dallas Summer


oil and live violin notes on canvas panel

I painted at Baylor Hospital today, and was accompanied by a very talented violinist. The water is infused with her notes.

Last Walk to School

7″x5″ oil on panel

Last walk of the year. They are switching the school start times. My youngest had the latest start time this year. Next year my youngest will have the earliest start, so the days of just me and her walking are over. It has been a gift I have treasured. Our dear crossing guard, Mr. Eary, is also turning in his stop sign. I am so grateful for his leadership keeping our kids safe, and his warm greeting and his enthusiastic reminders to “have a good day” were something Lydia and I truly treasured.


12″x8″ oil on panel

I have a set of shallow shelves by my easel where I put recent works to dry and look at. I put up the 8″square I painted yesterday, and chuckled at the fact that I put the horizon line on almost the exact same spot on all the 8″ tall paintings. And I wondered…could any of them work together? SCORE! I found an 8″x4″ that looked great with the square. I made a couple of color adjustments across the seam, but mostly I let the differences stand. I love them together!

Notice the horizon on both shelves.

Georgia’s View

10″x8″ oil on panel

This is the view from Georgia O’keefe’s driveway. This was painted from a color study, sketch, and photo at a soccer practice in North Texas. I feel like the formations are blazed into my memory because I have looked at them so much, I wonder if that is how Georgia felt.

First Light on Grandfather Mesa

7″x5″ oil on panel

I love to paint from life. However, I don’t live in the desert, and many of my days don’t allow time for field trips. I Painted this painting from a color study and photograph at my daughters gymnastic’s gym. (She is in the red right in front of my painting.). I have found that I do have time to make art if I am creative about finding windows. This week I will paint during gymnastics, on the field before a soccer game (as they warm up), and during choir practice.