4” square oil on paper

This is a small study from a walk in the woods. it wasn’t an epic hike of distance or destination, just a walk where I was grateful my body would still carry me, and a chance to practice feeling alive.

I love the way light filters down through tall pine trees. I love the crackle and crunch of pine needles under my boots. I love the sound of wind rustling through the canopy. And I love the smell of pine trees. Piñon smells like a fresh, clean version of the “pine” scent you find in candles and deodorizers. For me, it is a smell that carries with it wonderful memories of summers at Ghost Ranch with friends and family. The smell of fresh piñon after the rain is as provocative as looking through an old family photo album. Ponderosa is something totally unexpected. If you belly up to a big Ponderosa on a warm day and take a long slow sniff of the bark, you will smell something like cookies in the oven, something between butterscotch and vanilla. To me, that is nothing short of magic.

As the year comes to a close, I hope you have a chance to feel fully alive, wherever you are.

Please let me know what you think

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