Primary rooster


This rooster was a 10 min. Demo for a student art class. I used student pastels on sanded paper. Pastels on sanded paper, I should know that song and dance by now…the student pastels created a multi-colored, pig-pen, whirl of a mess. Wow! What a mess.

“Beautiful Red”


I love roosters. They remind me of traveling in Central America, and life on the farm. I like the idea of shouting out the greeting of the day. I usually choose some quiet time with coffee, but I smile at the idea of “cock a doodle dooing” at the first hint of change from black to blue.

I had fun stylizing the head….making it like a big map of blended colors; sort of an O’Keefe -enlarge and simplify.

So, top of the morning to you. Whether it be with a cup of coffee, or a “cock a doodle do”, I hope you are off to enjoy a fine new day.