Sunrise 20 June 5:47am

Between sunset last night, and sunrise this morning I went to the camp talent show. We gathered out on a beautiful porch and enjoyed songs, and poems, stories, and jokes. The desert got darker and the community closer. I found myself thinking about the year we lived in Cuba. When we arrived, we had paperwork to fill out: name, passport number, home address, and then we had to list our skill and our talent. Those were two things that everyone should have to contribute to the community. As I enjoyed the talent show last night I thought how wonderful it was, and what talent I might offer up. What would your talent be if you had a minute, a week, a month, or a year to prepare? Think about it, perhaps we will meet next summer in the desert and by the light of the stars, share a little part of ourselves in a way we humans have for thousands of years.

5:56am Northern New Mexico Sunrise

If you start your day at 4:00am with an hour of Vigil. You can squeeze in a sunrise painting and a cup of coffee before chanting Lauds for 30 minutes and then attending Mass. Then you will have time for breakfast in silence and Terce in the chapel before your work day starts at 9am.

It is safe to say a spiritual retreat at Christ in The Desert Monastery is not your typical vacation.