8″x10″ pastel on sanded paper Daily Painting #21

This is my son Noah hiking with his pop in a box canyon in Ghost Ranch, NM. It is a cool oasis of green in the harsh desert that surrounds it, and a perfect place to pass a hot afternoon (as long as you watch for storms).


3 thoughts on ““Father Son Day Hike”

  1. Really? Daily? Wow. I scrolled through several of your pieces and liked them all. You have a keen ability to capture moments we have all experienced and carry with us in our heads. Really nice work. D

    1. I do try to paint daily, it is those normal moments that I always seem to look back on and really treasure, so I am trying to stay present enough to notice them while they are happening.

      1. Good for you. I’m no artist but I do appreciate depictions of what are, really, narrow slices of time – captured, frozen, remembered. The other thing I was struck by when looking at your work was that each mental image of yours must necessarily be influenced by recollection … which is influenced by so many things. So, really – each painting is a combination of the genuine moment and your processing and distillation. Heck, if you wanted the image literally frozen, take a photograph. The painted image relays much more information – much more interesting information. More power to you – keep it up. D

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