Pastel on sanded paper 11″x9″ Daily Painting#22

Meet Mrs. Cherry. She comes from a place where magic is made every day. Four years ago my son Micah had her as his preschool teacher for the 3 year old class. One day during a family bike ride, Micah looked up and noticed that the trees met above him in a canopy. “Reminds me of Rousseau,” he said. “Who?” asked my husband. “You know, Rousseau painted trees the way Michelangelo painted Bible stories.” “Did Mommie teach you that?” “No, Mrs. Cherry did.”

People who teach are special, and people who teach preschoolers are extra special. So here is Mrs. Cherry doing what she does every day, sharing her gifts with little souls. She meets these little wonders, some timid, some bold, and teaches them both the expected and remarkable…making it all seem like play. This little soul is named Atticus. Atticus was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor this winter. When he became too sick to go to go to school, she just kept doing what she has always done – this time she just had to take the magic to him. I still have kids at New World Day School, and I shared the pain with the staff and teachers as they accompanied Atticus on his painful journey to its end this spring. Mrs. Cherry, you are one of my real life, everyday heroes, thank you. Thank you for doing what you do – and I thank God for who you are.

3 thoughts on ““The Lesson”

  1. Hi Julie –
    I’ve been enjoying your daily paintings and blog posts. I must say that the blog I read this morning especially touched my heart. How wonderful to think that your children, and many others, have had the privilege of being guided by such a beautiful being as Mrs. Cherry in their formative years

    Thank you for using your gift to capture a precious moment and poignant story to remind us of what’s important in life. You are an amazing artist, a talented writer, a fantastic Mom and an especially beautiful being yourself, Julie!


  2. Incredibly beautiful message. Your gift of painting and your feelings are treasures for Mrs. Cherry.

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