Today is the last weekday I will have to savor the changing light in the mornings for a while. I love to sit with my coffee and watch the sun rise from my kitchen or back porch. Big giant pink sun peeking over the trees, and then the light show: pink, to peach, to yellow, and then to see what color blue the day will bring. Instead of savoring the light change, I painted fast this morning, for Monday will have me urging kids to stay on task and get out the door for school. Trying to capture the changing light, I was aware of how fast things change: the light of sunrise, or the growing up of kids. I am grateful that every now and then I can stop time and savor the moment.

6 thoughts on “Sunrise 24 August

  1. This is the most beautiful painting. The stillness and quiet beauty is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift. M

  2. This is a beautiful painting. It reminds me of the one you did in Cloudcroft, NM. We all need to spend more time enjoying the special moments we have,

    1. Good eye! I used the same technique to paint both paintings, I was trying to capture all the water in the atmosphere. I started each painting with a monochromatic underpainting. Under the Cloudcroft painting I used blue violet in 4 values, and under the sunrise I used red violet in 4 values.

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